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Kaitlyn Sandor

Kaitlyn Sandor is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at Yale University.

As a JURIST Digital Scholar, Kaitlyn will research the relationship between key historic events and related legal action. For example, after the George Floyd protests, how long will it take to see an uptick in news articles featuring legal action stemming from police brutality and racism? Her goal is to determine if clusters of legal action predictably follow historic events. She hopes this will help researchers, lawyers, and anyone interested, to find important articles and primary source documents by giving them a more precise time frame to research within. She plans to accomplish this by looking for clusters of cases within topics and mapping them to historic events related to that topic. If she discovers a predictable pattern, this correlation, she plans to create a neural network that, given the event topic, type, and size, predicts how long until legal action will be seen.

Kaitlyn's interests lie in machine learning and understanding the social implications of cutting edge technology. She is a member of the Yale Women in Computer Science board and is currently working for an AI health care start-up.

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