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Speakers Series

Special Thanks to Connor Haaland and Alice Chen for making the speakers series possible. 

Big Tech and Antitrust

Our panelists are:

Dr. Joshua Wright: Former FTC Commissioner appointed by President Obama, Professor at George Mason University School of Law

Dr. Fiona Scott Morton: Professor at Yale University School of Management, Former DOJ Deputy Assistant Attorney General

How to Study Law and Technology in Graduate School

Our panelists are:

Shili Shao, Yaw Law School ’20, Editor-in-Chief of Yale Journal of Law and Technology

Rebecca Weires, Stanford Law School ’20, Editor-in-Chief of Stanford Technology Law Review

King Xia, Harvard Law School ’20, Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Journal of Law and Technology

How Technology Impacts Access to Justice

Our panelists are:

Dr. Anna Hoffman: Professor at University of Washington 

Eduardo Gonzalez: Projects Manager at Self Represented Lititgation Network

Race, Justice, and Technology

Our panelists are:

Dr. Deen Freelon: Professor at UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media

Cierra Robson: Doctoral Student in Sociology and Social Policy at Harvard University

When Truth is a Lie - Big Data and Bias

Our presenter is:

Jennifer Shin: Product Director at NBC Universal Media, Founder & CEO of 8 Path Solution, Adjunct professor at NYU Stern School of Business

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