Selected Projects and Proposals

US Supreme Court

Using NLP to Identify Salience, Language, and Viewership
Trends in Legal News Coverage (Alissa Ji and Samantha Thorne)

Readability and Accessibility

Assessing How Writing Styles Affects the Accessibility of News Articles (Agasha Ratam)

Data Governance and Covid-19

Understanding the GDPR Through the Lens of COVID-19 (Connor Haaland)

Police Reform

Modelling Systemic Inequality in Law Enforcement (Alex Chen)

Sentiment Analysis

Analyzing Sentiment and Detecting Potential Bias in News Articles (Imad Rizvi)

Antitrust and Pharmaceuticals

Medication, Collusion and the Pandemic (Everest Fang)

News Visualization

Improving News Access with Web Applications (Michael Chau)

Medical Marijuana

Tracking Medical Marijuana Policies over Time Using Tf-idf (Arka Gupta)

Algorithmic Bias

Detecting Algorithmic Bias in Neural Networks and Other Statistical Models (Philos Kim)


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