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Imad Rizvi

Imad Rizvi is a rising junior at Yale University studying Computer Science and Economics.

As a JURIST Digital Scholar, Imad aims to gain a better understanding of how legal news and commentary content varies by country and region and article type. He plans to explore the different topics focused on at the national and regional levels, as well as how language and rhetoric used to discuss countries and regions might change. Imad will use different forms of sentiment analysis including positive/negative analyses, subjectivity/objectivity analyses, and feature/aspect identification to facilitate comparisons, and will use various Python libraries to create deep learning models to conduct much of the sentiment analysis. He also plans to produce visualizations to demonstrate his findings.

Outside of computer science, Imad is interested in politics and languages. He is currently learning Portuguese and Dutch. And he is also passionate about soccer and stand-up comedy. He is a huge Manchester City fan and loves watching Kumail Nanjiani and Trevor Noah! Imad is excited to be a JURIST Digital Scholar this summer!

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