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Agnes Poplawski

Agnes Poplawski is a fourth year student studying Political Science and Economics at Stony Brook University.

As a JURIST Digital Scholar, Agnes will focus her research on the evolution of sex and sexual orientation as a protected class in the US, particularly examining the behavior of consumers and producers of the news. She will analyze JURIST’s archive and Google Analytics data, as well as outside sources, to better understand the public’s interest in and media representation of LGBTQ+ rights at moments leading up to milestone achievements in the struggle for greater recognition of LGBTQ+ rights in the courts and legislation.

Agnes serves as a Teaching Assistant for American Government and also works as an Intramural Coordinator at the Stony Brook Recreation Center. She has spent previous summers working in real estate law and has interned in the Department of Economic Development with former NYC Queensborough President Melinda Katz. Agnes enjoys Pink Gloves boxing, crosswords, and fighting for racial justice.

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